Monday, March 3, 2014

Blouse from Versace

When I saw this blouse on Versace's website as part of their spring/summer 2014 collection, I felt like my birthday had come early.  Versace is infamous for its gold-toned baroque prints and largely draws upon Roman themes.  This pattern imitates the decorations found in Roman/Barocco architecture, gilded with gold leaf.  I have always loved these details of Roman architecture; the golden vines, flowers, and angels (not on this shirt) have always seemed to whisper to me from a heavenly world.  If you look carefully you'll even find the Medusa head from Versace's logo on the back of this shirt.

Versace Women Wrap-style "Edera Barocco" Top

I ordered it from the Fifth Avenue store.  I was disappointed that the person I originally contacted to enquire about the shirt failed to e-mail me back for a week when I asked him a question.  Normally I just buy it from someone else but I thought it would make the guy happy to make the commission, so decided to buy it from him and mention that I didn't receive a reply to his e-mail.  He did not even apologise :-(  He didn't seem particularly friendly either.  I find that with designer boutiques around half of the sales assistants that I work with are indifferent.

File:USA-NYC-Versace 5th Avenue1.jpg

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